How to DMCA Protection on Websites and Blogs?
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How to DMCA Protection on Websites and Blogs?

Hello Bloggers, In this post I am going to tell you how to add DMCA Protection Badge to the website and blog? The DMCA Badge is a stamp of security placed on your website that prevents your Blog content from being copied. It helps in taking action against your website content if it is stolen. Blog Par DMCA Protection Badge Kaise?  How to Add DMCA Protection Badge on your website in Hindi?

How to DMCA Protection on Websites and Blogs?

You wrote an unique post about 4-5 months ago on your blog, and now you have noticed that someone has copied your content and is doing top rank in Google.

It’s annoying, is not it, it’s quite annoying. Every bloger wants to save his blog content from being stolen. If this is happening to you then you can protect your blog at the DMCA Badge Add home.

What is DMCA Protection?

The full form of the DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is the US Copyright Law. Under which you can take action against the copier of your content.

DMCA provides website owners with a security system that protects their valuable content from violating thieves and copyright.

If someone stole the content or image of your website without your permission and it ranks before you in Google, then the DMCA helps it fall down in a moment.

For more information about DMCA Protection, you can read these articles,

If you add the DMCA Badge to your website, then I can assure you that the content of your website will be secure throughout the life.

You do not have to spend a single penny to use the DMCA badge. But if you want additional service then you can choose its ” Pro Plan “.

But if you are a blogger and just share text content, then the Free Plan is enough for you. Because the free service also protects the original material from thieves.

Now let me tell you how to add a DMCA Protection Badge to the website .

How to Add DMCA Badge to Website – Step by Step Hindi Information

Here we are providing full information about how to Add DMCA Protection Badgeon the  website – Step by Step with Screenshot Complete Guide in Hindi .

step 1:

First you go to the website. After you open the website, you will see 2 options, Free Plan and Pro Plan, if you take Pro Plan you will get more data security features.

If you are using Pro Plan ejkxb87, use the coupon code, this will give you 41% discount.

  1. Click on Go Pro to get Free Plan

Sign up DMCA

Step 2:

Now DMCA SIGN UP Page will open. In this you have to register by entering your name and email address.

  1. Type your first name.
  2. Enter the name of your company.
  3. Write your Surename.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Now click the Submit button.

Sign up on DMCA

Now a woman will come to your email address, click on the link given in the account Verify.

Step 3:

There will be a lot of DMCA Badge given in the page which will now open . You have to choose one of them and add it to your blog.

  1. Choose a DMCA Badge
  2. Now copy that badge’s code.

DMCA Badge Code

Step 4:

After copying the DMCA Badge code, you have to add it to the footer of your website.

If your blog is on Blogger then you can add code in the Blogger HTML Widget. And if your blog is on WordPress, then you can use the DMCA Plugin .

Or if your blog’s theme has a header and footer script option, you can add a badge code to the direct blog footer.

Step 5:

After adding DMCA Badge to the blog, you can confirm whether the DMCA has protected your website by clicking on your DMCA Badge.

Clicking on your DMCA Badge will show a DMCA Certificate, which will be something like this.

DMCA Certificate

It may take some time before it can take some time to protect your blog post / page, so if you do not have a DMCA certificate activate, you should check after some time.

Note : – If you have received Free DMCA Protection, DMCA Protection will be available for 30 days in the certificate.

How does the DMCA Badge & Certification Work?

After adding the DMCA Badge to your website Protection begins. Once you emphasize the DMCA Badge in your website footer, it shows on every single page of your site.

Once the DMCA Badge is installed correctly, it allows your site to verify every single page. After adding your badges, the DMCA encrypts every single page on your side and provides a DMCA certificate separately for each instance.

DMCA Certificate is created as Digital Signature of that page and is protected by

After that if someone steals your content, you can take Takedown with the help of DMCA, meaning that you can delete the content copied.

After adding the DMCA Protection Badge to your blog, when someone copies your content, it will appear in the DMCA Badge and it will be understood that copying this content is not good for her health.


In this way, you can easily follow 4-5 steps and add DMCA Badge to your blog. If you want to save your blog’s content from being stolen, then it is also important for you.

In this post, how do we add DMCA badges to the blog, how does DMCA badge and certificate work? go about. Hope you like this info.

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