How to Verify Domains from the DNS Method in Search Console
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How to Verify Domains from the DNS Method in Search Console

You no longer need to submit All Versions (http, https, www and non-www) of your website in Google Search Console. You can just Verify All Properties by submitting to the Domain. Google has recently announced this about its official blog. How do we submit and verify the domain from the DNS method here in Google Search Council? And how to set up Domain-wide Data in the Search Council? About to tell from detail. Domain-Wide Data setup in Hindi .

Verify Domain with DNS Record

Recommends Verifying the Website’s All Versions ( http, https, www and non-www ) in Google Search Console so that you can get the most comprehensive view of your side in the Google Search Council.

But listing many different properties makes it difficult for webmasters to understand whether Google is able to view their domains altogether or not.

This leads to a lot of property submissions in Webmaster Tools, so that they manage a lot of problems in Website Owner and Blogger.

So Google has now taken out a way that you can justify all the properties of the website and blog by submitting an domain.

Here we are telling you a new way to submit websites and blogs to Google Search Council. New way to Submit site GWT in 2019, How to verify the DNS record?

How to Submit and Verify DOMIN from DNS Method in Google Search Council?

Now you can easily verify your blog and website’s domain via DNS in the search council as explained below.

step 1:

First you go to Google Search Console and follow the steps below.

  1. Click + Add Property .

Add Property

Step 2:

  1. If you want to add All Properties, then add domain to type in the Domain Box.
  2. And if you just want to add a special property, add the domain from to the URL prefix .

Select Property Type

Step 3:

Now a popup will open, in which you will get a domain verification TXT record code. Copy and paste the verification code by clicking on it.

  1. Copy Verification code.

Copy domain verification code

Step 4:

Now you have to add this txt record to your domain’s DNS setting. For this, you login to the domain of your domain provider and add DNS records in this manner.

  1. Type the TXT in Type, add verification code to @ or and txt value in Host.
  2. Save the setting by clicking the Save button on the Code Addition.

Add a TXT DNS Record

After adding your DNS Record, it will take some time, so after some time you have to go to the search council and verify the domain.

Step 5:

  1. Click the VERIFY button to verify the domain.

Verify domain ownership with DNS record

Step 6:

After that the page which will open will be told whether your domain is verified or not. If done, then Ownership verified will be written.

  1. Click Go to Property.

Ownership auto verified

Step 7:

You will now have the message “Welcome to your new Domain property” in front of you. Now you can start managing property by clicking Start button.

  1. Click Start button.

Welcome to your New Domain Property

By following these 7 steps, you can verify your website and block with a Domain-wide DNS record.

This property will have reports of all the websites http, https, www and non-www all versions. You can now view the Domain-wide data report in the same property.

If you have already verified the domain from the DNS, then after some time Google will automatically start displaying all the reports for you.

Otherwise, you will need to verify by submitting a new property from to the type. It will also work for the mobile version with all versions of the website.

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