What is Bad Backlinks? How to Remove These from Your Blog
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What is Bad Backlinks? How to Remove These from Your Blog

Friends, as we know, Link Building is very important for any blog but bad link building is as bad. Link Building downs the authority of our site in front of Search Engine. Which makes our ranking down. So friends, today we are going to talk about what is Bad Backlinks? And how to do them from your website.

Bad Backlinks

Friends, every webmaster wants to rank his website or blog at number one in Google for which he does SEO of his site, puts good content and also creates backlinks.

But there are many users who make some bad backlinks inadvertently or have their Bad Backlinks made on their site. Those whom he does not know about, whose site keeps on ranking.

What are Bad Backlinks?

Bad BackLinks are called links that are harmful to our website. Due to these dangerous links, the search rate of the site goes down. These links are made from sites that do not have any connection to your website far and wide.

And if more links to bad links are not removed from the site blog then your site may be deleted from the Google search engine and visitors will be reduced on your site. Bad Backlinks are also called unnatural backlinks.

Types of Bad Backlinks sites

Bad backlinks are of several types, some of which I’m here to tell about.

  • Links From the 404 error page
  • Links From Adult websites
  • Links from low-Quality sites
  • Link Exchange (In Some Cases)
  • Links From Automated tools

Bad backlinks ke nuksan

The biggest disadvantage of Broken links is that our site’s search rank decreases and gradually drop off from the site URL search results.

1. Search Engine Ranking

As we have previously mentioned, bad backlinks reduce the authority of your site. Because of which your search engine rankings start falling.

Friends, I have also seen many similar services that make thousands of bad links on your competitor’s website in just $ 10.

2. Unrelated Traffic

Traffic coming from these backlinks is very harmful. Because these links bring unrelated traffic to your website. Who drove the dwell time of your website. Which makes you rank.

3. Google Penalty

If there is more bad backlinks, Google can also give Penitie your side. It may also be that your website is blacklisted from Google Search.

How To Find Bad Backlinks – Find Bad Links

It is very easy to find Bad Backlinks. Below is information about how to find these links. How to find Broken links?

Step 1:

  1. Open your Google Webmaster account.
  2. Select the option with Search Traffic .
  3. Click on Links to Your Site .
  4. Now you will have a list of links to all sites that add your site, click More for all links .

Find bad backlinks

Step 2: Download Backlinks from Search Console

  1. Now click on Download this table.
  2. You will now have a list of linked, which is to open it in NotePad.
  3. You can see all backlinks in the table file, besides you can download sample links and latest links too.

Download Backlinks

Friends, you have now come back to the list of bad backlinks that link to all sites linking to your site but right now we have to filter bad backlinks after that we will learn to remove these links.

You can use the Ahrefs , Semrush link audit tool , to separate bad backlinks from the Baclinks list or you can find out manually by reviewing all links.

How To Remove Bad Backlinks

Now we need to know how to remove these bad backlinks from our site so that our site will remain search rank and not traffic down. Bad backlinks have to be removed in English.

There are 2 ways to get rid of bad backlinks: One should contact the backlink site owner to remove the link and to disavow another bad backlinks so that google does not count them in your site’s ranking and they have a bad effect on your site’s search rank. Do not fall.

1. Contact Website Owner

You now have to open one website from the list. Now you have to email all those website owners. In the email, you have to request that they remove your website link from your site.

Wait for a few days after sending the email, which links have been removed from your list. You now have to use the Google Disavow Tool on the remaining links.

Note: You can also use the Google Disavow tool if you want it but you can not avoid the traffic coming from those websites.

2. Use Google Disavow Tool

Create a list of bad backlinks and prepare the txt file, submit it to disavow tools only. How to remove bad backlinks with disavow tool?

Step 1:

  1. First you have to visit the Google Disavow Link Tool .
  2. Right now you have to select your website, whose backlinks you want to do. Then you have to click on disavow links button.

Select site to disavow

Step 2:

  1. Then you have to choose text file. In which you have created a list of bad backlinks.
  2. After this, you have to click on submit button.
  3. Finally, click on the Done button.

Disavow Bad Backlinks

Now you have successfully disavowed bad backlinks of your site, now these useless links will not have any impact on your site’s search rank.

For more information on removing bad backlinks, read this guide,

Note : – If you disavow a High Quality link, then you will not get any benefit from it.

At Last

At Last I would like to say that Bad Backlinks is a sweet poison for your website, which seems good to count but it puts very bad impact on your site.

Due to these, the rank of a high ranking site gets down and its traffic comes in thousands from thousands. It can tell the extent of the losses of those bloggers who have problems with them.

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